I tried!

Moments ago, it was all well.
She walked, turning her face away.
How can i say her that she means a lot to me.
I tried, I tried and I failed.

Lonliness is what i got when she left.
The darkness within me grew in strength.
How can i deny the fact that i was never perfect.
I cried, I cried and I failed.

Felt so lost and wayward.
There is no hope or light at the end of tunnel.
How can i kill time all by myself.
I moaned, I moaned and I failed.

Never thought i would be so vulnerable.
All i asked for is a hand to hold on,
is a heart to love on,
is a soul to depend on,
is a face to smile on.
I tried, I tried and I tried.

Alone in the dark!

The prints left in the beach
Never lasts.
My marks failed to reach.

Loneliness eats your heart out.
My thoughts reached numbness.

I sat in a corner facing the moon.
Waved in the darkness, wishing she would find me.

Things gonna end it seemed.
I dint believe.
The chillness in the wind cracked my throat.

There she came, my butterfly girl.
Her eyes wandered not to meet mine.

The pain in her silence muted out my loud cries.
Tears dried out before it reached the hues.

Alone in the dark.
We sat for hours before a word got exchanged.

She said “I will make you sleep, come on my lap”.

I felt asleep before I could realize.
That very moment I felt like her child.

Forgive Me!

I crossed the shores for you.
Let myself suffocate in the land.

Some times I smile,
At times I frown.
I lost you without knowing.
Will you forgive my innocence!

When I felt hard to walk,
You made me write.


What can I do with this heart,
which is full of your thoughts.

I am a drop in the ocean,
You gave the moist in me.
I missed the chance I had,
Will you forgive my carelessness!

You made me shine bright.
I started my love which ends with you.


I dint know the meaning of affection.
Tears are rolling out.

I believed I was possessive.
You came into my life dear.
I will wait thru the years.
Will you forgive my obsession!

I don’t know whether it is right.
Never Forgive me. But Never Forget me !!!


The Butterfly Girl.

Butterfly Girl

I met her on the way,
fluttering like a butter fly.
She was so colorful,
winged of silk and ribbons.
Her earth-bound body,
casted like the smoothie.
Eyes so powerful,
free at last to follow.
Giggles are secret,
patterns shifting light.
Floating softly,
riding the wild wind.
She found the daylight,
touching my heart.
Like Girls, Like Butterfly,
It meant a LIFE to me.

:( 2 ):

I didn’t mean to break your and mine. I only wish I could go back and tell you that I want you by my side. I wish I could kiss you one more time. But I had my chance and I blew it! Now when I see you my heart hurts, and when you don’t reply I cry inside myself. I’m sorry for what I did I only wish I could go back.

Broken Heart

It’s hard when such a day come,
just like playing with a deadly gun.
The tears of pain slowly coming out,
you just feel that you gonna freak out.
Your heart is in shock of the words that were said,
your throat is dry hearing to the end tunes played.
Your mind churns thoughts about how this can be,
mouth says I love you and you love me.
The love of your life is starting to turn away,
and leaving you, with a broken heart in a painful way.
Now that you are standing with your eyes wide,
tears are out and then you begin to cry.

Blown with a Gun

50 hours of insanity!

It all started with the simple misunderstanding.
I still wonder why god has created such a thing.

Two souls in unison and love for eternity.
Ended up like a patch of ash in a tree.

His View:
All I asked for is attention and never wanted her to be away from me.

She went, alas.
Broke my heart like a glass.
She wasn’t there.
When I needed her.
May be I was insecure.
She has to be sure.
I made her happy all the time.
Felt worth lesser than a dime.
I don’t want to be away.
Will the time make her mind sway?

Her View:
I changed a lot for him and I don’t know what more to do.

He made me sad.
Am I so bad?
I wish he had not said that.
Why it always ends in a spat.
He knew me well.
Am dumbstruck with the spell.
I wish he was smiling.
Worries, they are just piling.
I don’t want to be away.
Will the love make his mind sway?

The two hearts which loved.
Never can far-exist.
The 50 hours of separation.
It Raised her worth more than what it was before.

Of course, we will fight again.
I would die anytime for that patch up kiss.
It never tasted better.
All I have to say is, She completes me!

She Completes Me!

Exploring Love!

Love - Lost - Explore

I am a sample of the species
which wanders for the love and care.
At times, I felt lost. At times, I felt none.

I got one at last. The kind which rips thru the soul.

I kept it next to my heart
so that I don’t feel lonely in the woods.
At times, I felt close. At times, I felt insecure.

I had it for long. The time that passed was unthinkable.

The age weathered, the beauty gone
then I became the master of the same.
At times, I felt bored. At times, I felt feeble.

I think I knew it well. The sourness started to show up.

The brink of what was left showed up
we tried hard to stop blaming each other.
At times, I felt sick. At times, I felt stuck.

I decided to end it then. Lets not make a fuss over it.

The love I had is no more with me.
The stains of the past poking my patience.
The numbness of my lips says a million stories.
The fight over the TV remote is gone.
The space in the bed seemed so wide.
The coffee in the morning tasted sour.
The walks alone in the road dusted my pants.
My Heart said, its time to love again.

My love. Give me another chance. Let’s explore it again.