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Exploring Love!

Love - Lost - Explore

I am a sample of the species
which wanders for the love and care.
At times, I felt lost. At times, I felt none.

I got one at last. The kind which rips thru the soul.

I kept it next to my heart
so that I don’t feel lonely in the woods.
At times, I felt close. At times, I felt insecure.

I had it for long. The time that passed was unthinkable.

The age weathered, the beauty gone
then I became the master of the same.
At times, I felt bored. At times, I felt feeble.

I think I knew it well. The sourness started to show up.

The brink of what was left showed up
we tried hard to stop blaming each other.
At times, I felt sick. At times, I felt stuck.

I decided to end it then. Lets not make a fuss over it.

The love I had is no more with me.
The stains of the past poking my patience.
The numbness of my lips says a million stories.
The fight over the TV remote is gone.
The space in the bed seemed so wide.
The coffee in the morning tasted sour.
The walks alone in the road dusted my pants.
My Heart said, its time to love again.

My love. Give me another chance. Let’s explore it again.


Never Said a NO!

From day one, she never said a No to me.
It was always my pleasure she gives in to.
How lovely she is?
In fact, am lucky to have her with me.
She knew the pain a human can endure when we get disappointed.

Getting used to hearing Yes all the time,
at times I get the No.
It pains. It scrambles your head.
But when I think back, the Yes’s weighs down the No’s.

Months have passed, still she never allowed me
to call her more than a friend.
The long hour night chats never ended even after sleeping.
In her terms, dreaming about her is never an option.

The people who were in love before with different people
knows how it is to be staying single and alone.
The void it creates is a black hole. It sucks in your happiness.
She filled the void. I felt happy.

Words sometimes mislead us into the way of confusion.
In turn, leads to the crossroads in which u will never get who is right.
Every time, she takes the blame on her thinking that I will feel ok.

Should I say it loud? I think it’s high time.
You can say NO to me direct. I will respect your words!

The Hungry Souls!

A chic who was alone and stranded strolled thru the streets of insanity. Never did she know that the world is not as good as she was thinking while being inside her mother’s womb. She felt warmth and love even before she started breathing. Things are not the same.
The eyes that were piercing thru her skin made her feel embarrassed. Things are not the same.
She longed for some protection which god never has shown on any of her same species.
She took her small legs and made her steps towards the place away from those nasty fellows.
She felt scared. She felt agony. She felt agitated.
Wished she was an angel. With those small wings she could’ve flown somewhere safe.
But god never gave her that. Never can her outrun those who are behind her.
She was at last cornered. The hands came near her. She gave the last minute groans. They never reached the intended ears.
She was captured. She was undressed. She was cut. She was boiled.
Never has she known that she will become a soup for the hungry souls waiting in a restaurant.

New Year Resolution.

I shall not talk bad. Unless am provoked.
I will not lie. Only if demanded.
I shall get up at 6AM. In UTC and not IST.
I will exercise daily. Dreams included.
I shall keep my city clean. Only when others litter.
I will smile at everyone. Especially Girls.
I shall work hard. To see the day pass.
I will play fair. Against the AI’s.
I shall love unconditionally. With some conditions.

I will be the same.


Life is simple. We deal it complex.
Problems are complex. Let’s solve them simple.

Numbers doesn’t matter.
Unless it’s ur ass which is on fire.

Smile when it suits.
And suit yourself to the world.

All we gonna get back is 18 sq ft.

Smile when it suits.
Life sucks when you don’t.

Time is 2:11.
Let me think what I said.

Feel like senseless.
Think it again. Words mean more than they sound.

Wake Up Sid!

“ Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai
Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte “

It was 2.30 am in the morning.
We were sweating.
I can hear her heavy breathing near my neck.
I asked her to do it again.
She sulked.
I persuaded.
She blew well.
Oh. It was great.
Damn it. The power, EB guys and the Summer Season.
I made my girl wave the newspaper at me again.
It blew a lot of air at my torso.
Oh. It was great.

Qck Bite!

Think red.
Speak Nice.
Kiss Well.
Love More.
Fly High.
Dream Big.
Call Low.
Speak Loud.
Mince words.
Kill Blood.
Break Heart.
Mend Vase.
Walk Slow.
Jump Down.
Move Fast.
Knock Out.
Miss you.