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50 hours of insanity!

It all started with the simple misunderstanding.
I still wonder why god has created such a thing.

Two souls in unison and love for eternity.
Ended up like a patch of ash in a tree.

His View:
All I asked for is attention and never wanted her to be away from me.

She went, alas.
Broke my heart like a glass.
She wasn’t there.
When I needed her.
May be I was insecure.
She has to be sure.
I made her happy all the time.
Felt worth lesser than a dime.
I don’t want to be away.
Will the time make her mind sway?

Her View:
I changed a lot for him and I don’t know what more to do.

He made me sad.
Am I so bad?
I wish he had not said that.
Why it always ends in a spat.
He knew me well.
Am dumbstruck with the spell.
I wish he was smiling.
Worries, they are just piling.
I don’t want to be away.
Will the love make his mind sway?

The two hearts which loved.
Never can far-exist.
The 50 hours of separation.
It Raised her worth more than what it was before.

Of course, we will fight again.
I would die anytime for that patch up kiss.
It never tasted better.
All I have to say is, She completes me!

She Completes Me!


Wireless Distance.

Never knew that such a species exist. And neither knew it was so sweet.
Never asked what it looks like. And neither asked how it speaks.
Never saw it with my eyes. And neither saw it in my thoughts.

Now I know.
First it was Hi.
Next it was So.
Further it was Then.
Never came an end.

Talked a little. Spoke a bit.
Likings are different. Thoughts did align.
Common point became a merger.

Smile is what she brings in. Words are what she gets out.
Felt at ease at times. Rest is so worthy.

Did she ever knew that it was then.
I can call this the best form of relationships.

Still staying away. Swaying my thoughts.
Don’t ya worry. I will get u shored.
Promise on that.
Just be at a Wireless distance.

All I wish for…

I wished for wellness, you gave me prosperity.
I waited for wealth, you provided me knowledge.
I wanted to end the life; you showed me the way to live.
I greeted the New Year, you reminded me of the one which ended.
I smiled at the poor, you made me richer.
I got the girl of my dreams, you asked me to love her more.

Now, why you waking me up from my dreams.


Arrival of the New Year asks for celebrations. Yes Indeed. But it makes me sad that one more year in this world has worn off. Am getting old and the earth is dying out. Things are not easy as it seems. The sky will turn brown, water will get a new color, food prices will soar up and the place we live in will be dumped of carbon wastes. The summits couldn’t do anything. The dignitaries didn’t dare to make the changes. This is my world. This is where I am born and this is where I will be dying. But what have I done to this world back.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Its 22nd already and am afraid of the new moon. I like to walk alone. But a caring hand holding me and walking side by side will be adorable. The walks along the beach are still fresh and the immense pleasure it drove out of my soul was commendable. The school days seem bleak and are losing out the images of my college life too. I don’t want to die alone. The sense of insecurity has already crept in. I wish I was never born.

The Smell of the early morning flowers are making me high on senses and am in a trance to be half sleeping. The coffee mom made was never sweeter ever before. It felt like a week full of Sundays. A weekend full of sleeping. The exams were scrapped off. I want to go back. Not in life but in experience.

Knowing more things, makes a man a machine. I am not living it to the fullest.

Redemption is sought. No where I am near it. Will god forgive me? Or will I forgive God?