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I didn’t mean to break your and mine. I only wish I could go back and tell you that I want you by my side. I wish I could kiss you one more time. But I had my chance and I blew it! Now when I see you my heart hurts, and when you don’t reply I cry inside myself. I’m sorry for what I did I only wish I could go back.

Broken Heart

It’s hard when such a day come,
just like playing with a deadly gun.
The tears of pain slowly coming out,
you just feel that you gonna freak out.
Your heart is in shock of the words that were said,
your throat is dry hearing to the end tunes played.
Your mind churns thoughts about how this can be,
mouth says I love you and you love me.
The love of your life is starting to turn away,
and leaving you, with a broken heart in a painful way.
Now that you are standing with your eyes wide,
tears are out and then you begin to cry.

Blown with a Gun

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