I made my confessions.
With so much truth stuffed in two lines of my words.

I felt the world falling down.
She held my hand strong to show how much she cares.

I wanted to break out.
The touch of hers never felt so softer.

My mind wanted to kiss her.
The distance that separated was becoming shorter.

Felt her breath flowing thru my neck.
I squirmed in comfort just to hold her waist.

Eyes met at the straight lines.
The Noses meeting at the peak point.

The lips went interlocked.
The wetness in her tongue transferred in mine.

The clothes meant nothing.
The friction between the skins was not painful.

I never heard her moan.
Her heartbeats were louder.

I wanted to become a child in her chest.
The way she hugged made it apt.

We did make love.
Not once, not twice. More than that.

She looked at me helpless.
My hand in her hand assured her more than what it meant.

I asked her Once More?
She Said “All I want is to love you more”.

    • Daddu
    • January 13th, 2010

    Title should be “EROTIC CONFESSIONS” or “CARNAL CONFESSIONS” [:D] [:D]

    still..its really nice…

  1. i call them sensual! 🙂

  2. Nice one dude .. Keep it up .. I can see a Tamil Khuswant singh growing up .

  3. ha ah! thank u dogra. gettin a compliment from u is a real big deal!!

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