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I tried!

Moments ago, it was all well.
She walked, turning her face away.
How can i say her that she means a lot to me.
I tried, I tried and I failed.

Lonliness is what i got when she left.
The darkness within me grew in strength.
How can i deny the fact that i was never perfect.
I cried, I cried and I failed.

Felt so lost and wayward.
There is no hope or light at the end of tunnel.
How can i kill time all by myself.
I moaned, I moaned and I failed.

Never thought i would be so vulnerable.
All i asked for is a hand to hold on,
is a heart to love on,
is a soul to depend on,
is a face to smile on.
I tried, I tried and I tried.


Alone in the dark!

The prints left in the beach
Never lasts.
My marks failed to reach.

Loneliness eats your heart out.
My thoughts reached numbness.

I sat in a corner facing the moon.
Waved in the darkness, wishing she would find me.

Things gonna end it seemed.
I dint believe.
The chillness in the wind cracked my throat.

There she came, my butterfly girl.
Her eyes wandered not to meet mine.

The pain in her silence muted out my loud cries.
Tears dried out before it reached the hues.

Alone in the dark.
We sat for hours before a word got exchanged.

She said “I will make you sleep, come on my lap”.

I felt asleep before I could realize.
That very moment I felt like her child.

The Proposal.

I had opened my heart to her,
to hear the obvious .
I talked for a couple of minutes,
stuffing my words.
I couldn’t look at her eyes,
may be that’s how it works.
I didn’t get what she was thinking,
as if I had known mine.
I wished she would hold my hands,
just ended up seeing it crossed.
It took me several more seconds,
to raise my face.
All I saw was her face turned around,
with her hands covering her face.

My touch in her shoulder made her turn,
I was choked to see the tears.
I didn’t have courage to ask her why,
she just hugged me tight.
The essence of her hair filled my breath,
beats of the hearts in unison.

I didn’t ask her why.
I dint want a Yes or No.

I kissed her forehead. I decided to die without knowing it forever.

Girl of my dreams!

Girl of my dreams!


I made my confessions.
With so much truth stuffed in two lines of my words.

I felt the world falling down.
She held my hand strong to show how much she cares.

I wanted to break out.
The touch of hers never felt so softer.

My mind wanted to kiss her.
The distance that separated was becoming shorter.

Felt her breath flowing thru my neck.
I squirmed in comfort just to hold her waist.

Eyes met at the straight lines.
The Noses meeting at the peak point.

The lips went interlocked.
The wetness in her tongue transferred in mine.

The clothes meant nothing.
The friction between the skins was not painful.

I never heard her moan.
Her heartbeats were louder.

I wanted to become a child in her chest.
The way she hugged made it apt.

We did make love.
Not once, not twice. More than that.

She looked at me helpless.
My hand in her hand assured her more than what it meant.

I asked her Once More?
She Said “All I want is to love you more”.

Missing You…

You made me smile all along
to end up in a note
that brought me down from heaven
to notify me, that u aren’t mine forever.

I promise u this day
the days we spend together
will be remembered for eternity
let alone the jealous of ur hubby.

I cant say why am not good for u
Trust me, u r the one I wud love to have
you speak innocence. And u make me smile.
I don’t have anything to repay u except my heart.

The moments when I listen to ur heart
they are precious than those diamonds in the ads.
I wish I had known u earlier
Fore-go, I am glad that god showed me U.

I don’t want to end this poem.
to show that our friendship+love never ends…..

Missing you. My life with you

Hand Made Love.

I made love.
To the most beautiful girl in this world.
It took me 3 hours to do.
I did it in different ways.
Got scratched thrice.
I was exhausted. Yet it was fun.
Dripping all along my hand.
I could feel how much it meant for her.
When she kissed it, I realized that the pain has gone.
This is the output.

Hand Made Love

Story of the 2 Rabbits.

This time it was magical.
Never knew the time was 5 am in the morning.
We kept on talking.
Nothing was hindering me and
There was no disturbance.
I whispered so many “love u” in her ears.
The kisses were sweeter.
Touches were poetic.
We kept on talking.

Wish it was true.

There was a white rabbit.
It needed some carrots.
It was hungry.
It went into forest and returned back with nothing.
There was a black rabbit.
It had a shop of carrots.
It still dint give the whitey some carrots to eat.
For this, the black rabbit was jailed.

Believe me, she was laughing like hell for this stupid story of mine.

Nevertheless. It had some meaning.

Wish she understood it.

The white rabbit is me. I’m the wandering soul who has a never ending hunger for love and care.
The forest is this world. The world of uncertainties which never gives what you ask for.
The black rabbit is her. She has so much to offer me, yet so reserved.
The jail is my love. No matter what, I will guard her and will make her safe within my limits.

Now I know, she will say “Love u the most”.
And even If she doesn’t, I know it beforehand.