Forgive Me!

I crossed the shores for you.
Let myself suffocate in the land.

Some times I smile,
At times I frown.
I lost you without knowing.
Will you forgive my innocence!

When I felt hard to walk,
You made me write.


What can I do with this heart,
which is full of your thoughts.

I am a drop in the ocean,
You gave the moist in me.
I missed the chance I had,
Will you forgive my carelessness!

You made me shine bright.
I started my love which ends with you.


I dint know the meaning of affection.
Tears are rolling out.

I believed I was possessive.
You came into my life dear.
I will wait thru the years.
Will you forgive my obsession!

I don’t know whether it is right.
Never Forgive me. But Never Forget me !!!


    • Kunal Mehra
    • January 27th, 2010

    Yaar tussi gr8 ho…..I will forgive you DUDE.
    Kaha se milti hai inspiration.

  1. inspiration is there in the air!! 🙂

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