The Proposal.

I had opened my heart to her,
to hear the obvious .
I talked for a couple of minutes,
stuffing my words.
I couldn’t look at her eyes,
may be that’s how it works.
I didn’t get what she was thinking,
as if I had known mine.
I wished she would hold my hands,
just ended up seeing it crossed.
It took me several more seconds,
to raise my face.
All I saw was her face turned around,
with her hands covering her face.

My touch in her shoulder made her turn,
I was choked to see the tears.
I didn’t have courage to ask her why,
she just hugged me tight.
The essence of her hair filled my breath,
beats of the hearts in unison.

I didn’t ask her why.
I dint want a Yes or No.

I kissed her forehead. I decided to die without knowing it forever.

Girl of my dreams!

Girl of my dreams!



I made my confessions.
With so much truth stuffed in two lines of my words.

I felt the world falling down.
She held my hand strong to show how much she cares.

I wanted to break out.
The touch of hers never felt so softer.

My mind wanted to kiss her.
The distance that separated was becoming shorter.

Felt her breath flowing thru my neck.
I squirmed in comfort just to hold her waist.

Eyes met at the straight lines.
The Noses meeting at the peak point.

The lips went interlocked.
The wetness in her tongue transferred in mine.

The clothes meant nothing.
The friction between the skins was not painful.

I never heard her moan.
Her heartbeats were louder.

I wanted to become a child in her chest.
The way she hugged made it apt.

We did make love.
Not once, not twice. More than that.

She looked at me helpless.
My hand in her hand assured her more than what it meant.

I asked her Once More?
She Said “All I want is to love you more”.

Missing You…

You made me smile all along
to end up in a note
that brought me down from heaven
to notify me, that u aren’t mine forever.

I promise u this day
the days we spend together
will be remembered for eternity
let alone the jealous of ur hubby.

I cant say why am not good for u
Trust me, u r the one I wud love to have
you speak innocence. And u make me smile.
I don’t have anything to repay u except my heart.

The moments when I listen to ur heart
they are precious than those diamonds in the ads.
I wish I had known u earlier
Fore-go, I am glad that god showed me U.

I don’t want to end this poem.
to show that our friendship+love never ends…..

Missing you. My life with you

Never Said a NO!

From day one, she never said a No to me.
It was always my pleasure she gives in to.
How lovely she is?
In fact, am lucky to have her with me.
She knew the pain a human can endure when we get disappointed.

Getting used to hearing Yes all the time,
at times I get the No.
It pains. It scrambles your head.
But when I think back, the Yes’s weighs down the No’s.

Months have passed, still she never allowed me
to call her more than a friend.
The long hour night chats never ended even after sleeping.
In her terms, dreaming about her is never an option.

The people who were in love before with different people
knows how it is to be staying single and alone.
The void it creates is a black hole. It sucks in your happiness.
She filled the void. I felt happy.

Words sometimes mislead us into the way of confusion.
In turn, leads to the crossroads in which u will never get who is right.
Every time, she takes the blame on her thinking that I will feel ok.

Should I say it loud? I think it’s high time.
You can say NO to me direct. I will respect your words!

Hand Made Love.

I made love.
To the most beautiful girl in this world.
It took me 3 hours to do.
I did it in different ways.
Got scratched thrice.
I was exhausted. Yet it was fun.
Dripping all along my hand.
I could feel how much it meant for her.
When she kissed it, I realized that the pain has gone.
This is the output.

Hand Made Love

Wireless Distance.

Never knew that such a species exist. And neither knew it was so sweet.
Never asked what it looks like. And neither asked how it speaks.
Never saw it with my eyes. And neither saw it in my thoughts.

Now I know.
First it was Hi.
Next it was So.
Further it was Then.
Never came an end.

Talked a little. Spoke a bit.
Likings are different. Thoughts did align.
Common point became a merger.

Smile is what she brings in. Words are what she gets out.
Felt at ease at times. Rest is so worthy.

Did she ever knew that it was then.
I can call this the best form of relationships.

Still staying away. Swaying my thoughts.
Don’t ya worry. I will get u shored.
Promise on that.
Just be at a Wireless distance.

The Hungry Souls!

A chic who was alone and stranded strolled thru the streets of insanity. Never did she know that the world is not as good as she was thinking while being inside her mother’s womb. She felt warmth and love even before she started breathing. Things are not the same.
The eyes that were piercing thru her skin made her feel embarrassed. Things are not the same.
She longed for some protection which god never has shown on any of her same species.
She took her small legs and made her steps towards the place away from those nasty fellows.
She felt scared. She felt agony. She felt agitated.
Wished she was an angel. With those small wings she could’ve flown somewhere safe.
But god never gave her that. Never can her outrun those who are behind her.
She was at last cornered. The hands came near her. She gave the last minute groans. They never reached the intended ears.
She was captured. She was undressed. She was cut. She was boiled.
Never has she known that she will become a soup for the hungry souls waiting in a restaurant.