50 hours of insanity!

It all started with the simple misunderstanding.
I still wonder why god has created such a thing.

Two souls in unison and love for eternity.
Ended up like a patch of ash in a tree.

His View:
All I asked for is attention and never wanted her to be away from me.

She went, alas.
Broke my heart like a glass.
She wasn’t there.
When I needed her.
May be I was insecure.
She has to be sure.
I made her happy all the time.
Felt worth lesser than a dime.
I don’t want to be away.
Will the time make her mind sway?

Her View:
I changed a lot for him and I don’t know what more to do.

He made me sad.
Am I so bad?
I wish he had not said that.
Why it always ends in a spat.
He knew me well.
Am dumbstruck with the spell.
I wish he was smiling.
Worries, they are just piling.
I don’t want to be away.
Will the love make his mind sway?

The two hearts which loved.
Never can far-exist.
The 50 hours of separation.
It Raised her worth more than what it was before.

Of course, we will fight again.
I would die anytime for that patch up kiss.
It never tasted better.
All I have to say is, She completes me!

She Completes Me!

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