End Of Days!!!

Beach life, Strafing on the shores, with the blue water gently kissing ya legs, you feel elated, mind excited… Come on.. Cut to Reality.. The noise pollution, air sookened with dust, water filled with impurities, materialised thinkings, sorroful yesterdays, painful loves, forgetable mornings..

Some day, Some day, Some life;
Why am i fixed at the vex of superlatives,
Life beckons; mind reckons;
I recall myself to a total apocalypse.,
The sudden burst of the small petals
into a full blossomed flower..,
A kid is always a kid, once it starts
thinking, it looses the blessed freshness, originality!
Its well said that mind is the devil’s workshop,
Well said;

But why am i fixed at the vex of superlatives!

Everyone wants to be someone whom they aim for, sum kinda personlaity that affected them, rather, impressed them.. In this tiny world, everyone wanted to be unique.. but what we forget is.. We are all think alike, that we are unique.. so where is the plot missing..!??

Ask the same questions to u, ur friends, even to ya enemies (make them friends soon).. the answer will be simple.. some kinda numb n dumb replies which will have no relation with the context of topic..!!

Am too abstract, kinda coded in my thoughts.. my friends said..
Ya i am..

U have to decipher my words, u will feeel easy if u know me well.. if u wud have understood me well more!!.. but what abt those who dunno me.. the solution again is simple..!!

what my idea of this swarm full of sluggy ideas.. but slugginess is the easiest way to slip thru the hard path filled with stones!!

One things what my topic today suggests is that.. the end of sumthng is always a beginning.. Be yourself.. Dunt get urself in the line up of Xerox copies..!!

Rise your ideas, End is always ended with the letter D.. D means destory, Destiny, Destination.. but what if its a Direction to the path of Glory..

Think Once MOre!!



What for Greek Created Alpha??

Was Wanderin around in the Jungle of Hocus-Pocus..!! The Sunlight dimming down makin me feel mild.. sudden surge of blood in my face.. veins are blocking my thinking.. i was about to faint.. Aint it looking like a better start for a dramatic novel..

Was gonna get sumthng which really feeds a lots of herds.. humans.. hecks.. topic is drifting towards the verge of point of no return..

well, in this world of quick returns there are lots of situations in which u feel lost.. but there will be a small streak of light which may be bcos of the small swarm bee.. the light which fills ya mind when ya feel blank is sumthn very precious.. sumthng not everyone is gifted with.. once u get ur way out of the ditch, u will be pure.. ur mind will be sacred.. ur soul will be blessed.. u will never commit a dumb act…

but., why then, people get stuck with materialism.. thats what alpha beta.. fuck it.. there are just two kinds of people.. the words of race, religion, region, herd everythng gets into the final wire of the two kinds of human im prescribing..

sumthngs..always proved is re-proved in theorems..!! theorems which makes the genrealised stuffs into a fact.. we dunt accept the facts.. but do believe in thoerems!! reality is that.. well, lemme come back…

two kinds of people.. as simple as that.. one who talks/say/write , another one who reads/follows/listen.. am i not giving a simple solution to the work piece of leonardo’s da vince code!!.. see.. the thing is that.. it all depends on ya head!!..

now.. whats the connection between my topic and content.. lemme get it straight… since the greeks named it alpha, we get that alphabet.. A for apple is the first word anyone learns!!

World is blooming with love, lets not disrupt it.. LOve people., Love ur place..

Let Love be the language everyone talk, let relstionships be broadend, let people be same., let world be in peace!! Hail the Greeks..!!

Silence after the Storm

It was a Hard Week, was workin a lot, less foodin, less dozing.. well, the speciality is that i got to work with a few gifted people who are really gold at their heart, pure in their thinking, sweet in their words, cute in their looks and last but not least they are friendly.

I Used to wonder, why the fairer half is always a distant view. we comment, feel, fantasize, think, talk and even droop ourself with their actions and about their visuals. we never care to have a talk with them in such a way that we can understand what they are..

When time was flyin like hell, the sweet things really do matter in such a style that they get impressioned in ya conscience.. cut to the reality, when just a handpick days remaining in this wonderful world of living together in college hostel, the spat between two bunch of my friends made me upset.

They have their own views for what they call it as a decision making.. they hit eachother and have infinte looped arguments.. so, whats the inference of two things.. two entirely different things happening…

Gettin to know thw reality is what it matters, our own harrypotter world goes always sweet for us., life is not just abt living through, its striving hard to keep up our emotions intact in such a way we and our companions and even our opposite siders have some kinda respect for each one of us.. Taking the things differntly doesnt matter, but takin us in differnet stuff really do matter..

The world of happiness is acting on its own, the Satan of Sorrowness do try to attack it and there by trying to collapse the systematic things thats goin on.. But, u know what., heroes always win at the last until and unless its a movie.

I’m thankful to the four angels whom i met this week for making me out of something. i do respect all of my surrounding habitants and i dunt feel shame in getting down for sumone who is really worth for it.. Will be back guys!!

What What What..

had a good start.. well, people say that they expect a lot better from me.. am tryin/doing my best..

ok, coming to what i meant by the topic. WWW., the one and only survivor of the last century.. humanity has taken so many diversions from what its actually meant for.. the needs and deeds are different now.. technology is rising like hell.. they seems to overrule the mind and soul.

why., why this difference in sucha short period.. a generation change happens normally after 25 years.. but, i can feel a gr8 differnece in all prospective between my 10th and 20th age.. even BOND has changed his style from hot gals and too much hectic gadgets to simple phone and sexy sleek eva green..

when i started it was 1pm, and now its 8pm.. i had a gap.. so loss of continuity is

well, love and lust are too simple things minced together.. they are chewed in between the two worlds of guys and gals, and the result part is the worst.. what remains is the new cruel form of ditchin and dumping.. i have a friend who was dumped by his GF.. EX GF to be precise, well, the last traces she left in him was the sad face and the broken heart..

when tech is meetin emotions the unprecedented things are really amazing, the mobile phone is the best carrier of love than anyother thing this world has seen.. the fact that the online dating sites and community sites booming is the just the fact that the frsutration level is increased and the proportion is coming a near about 50 – 50, whn the old stats show that guys are the real buggers..

internet is the only culprit the time seems to travel faster. its kinda a future time
machine., i have seen and been the one who are addicted.. and i hope emotions relationships feelings love and what even lust and romance are being dried in that platform..

what i wud suggest is that let me start off fresh sumother time.. got hell loadz of worki promise and assure that, my random shit will be gud for ya eyes.. will cum more colorful even in my words.. bubye buddies

Once Upon Time there was a Story teller..!!

i know., things which make u feel good never stays with ya. yesterday i was shittin the time asusual, sumthn unusual happened.. rather its usual.. i fell for a gal who used to be my best gal friend.. i did have the guts to say her even though its fresh start. but the thing i am happy abt this that “am not a rock without feelings” now.. sumone comes and tells me tht am cheatin myself that am not in love., just feel the feelings, hear the sound of my heartbeats.. does it say the reality.. no, no, no, fuck it. i was like, why sud the world which is so much of mysteries which never gives u proper answer when u need one.. but then i found out that its our need and its us who sud find and search the necessary things we need.. and i also found that, life sucks.. we have to reincarnate, i would rather say we need to search the real us inside the real us.. what the hell am i sayin.. i know that this bloggin doesnt happen with me, but see.. i could write 10 lines with such a flow.. then i realised that what i was sed.. i was prescribed this by a gal, who stole my heart. sumtimes true feelings makes ripples.. the sound which cant be heard explicitly.. thats the purity life renders everyone..

one thing to be noted.. am not gonna shit this place with what the hell i did today.. its all for the screwed up stuff im gettin mixed and minced in my brain.. thats why i kept such a topic “a for alpha” aint it sweet.. if not, bunk it. have started sumthn new.. wish me.. am all urs..