Never Said a NO!

From day one, she never said a No to me.
It was always my pleasure she gives in to.
How lovely she is?
In fact, am lucky to have her with me.
She knew the pain a human can endure when we get disappointed.

Getting used to hearing Yes all the time,
at times I get the No.
It pains. It scrambles your head.
But when I think back, the Yes’s weighs down the No’s.

Months have passed, still she never allowed me
to call her more than a friend.
The long hour night chats never ended even after sleeping.
In her terms, dreaming about her is never an option.

The people who were in love before with different people
knows how it is to be staying single and alone.
The void it creates is a black hole. It sucks in your happiness.
She filled the void. I felt happy.

Words sometimes mislead us into the way of confusion.
In turn, leads to the crossroads in which u will never get who is right.
Every time, she takes the blame on her thinking that I will feel ok.

Should I say it loud? I think it’s high time.
You can say NO to me direct. I will respect your words!

    • Samrat Kabiraj
    • January 10th, 2010

    Hey that was kool and the last line was superb!!!!!!!!

  1. thanks sam!!

    • Niv
    • January 10th, 2010

    If I were that girl, I would have said NO straight away, mesmerized by the beauty of the last line.. I wouldn’t have given pain to such a wonderful soul..

  2. oh really.. let me say this to that hosur fellow! niv..!

    • vinoth
    • January 13th, 2010

    what’s up dude ? You seem to have mastered the art of love.

  3. its there in everyone… some one sud trigger it out!!

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