The Hungry Souls!

A chic who was alone and stranded strolled thru the streets of insanity. Never did she know that the world is not as good as she was thinking while being inside her mother’s womb. She felt warmth and love even before she started breathing. Things are not the same.
The eyes that were piercing thru her skin made her feel embarrassed. Things are not the same.
She longed for some protection which god never has shown on any of her same species.
She took her small legs and made her steps towards the place away from those nasty fellows.
She felt scared. She felt agony. She felt agitated.
Wished she was an angel. With those small wings she could’ve flown somewhere safe.
But god never gave her that. Never can her outrun those who are behind her.
She was at last cornered. The hands came near her. She gave the last minute groans. They never reached the intended ears.
She was captured. She was undressed. She was cut. She was boiled.
Never has she known that she will become a soup for the hungry souls waiting in a restaurant.

    • Niv
    • January 5th, 2010

    Great yaar..loved it!!

  1. really!! wow! thank u thank u

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