Story of the 2 Rabbits.

This time it was magical.
Never knew the time was 5 am in the morning.
We kept on talking.
Nothing was hindering me and
There was no disturbance.
I whispered so many “love u” in her ears.
The kisses were sweeter.
Touches were poetic.
We kept on talking.

Wish it was true.

There was a white rabbit.
It needed some carrots.
It was hungry.
It went into forest and returned back with nothing.
There was a black rabbit.
It had a shop of carrots.
It still dint give the whitey some carrots to eat.
For this, the black rabbit was jailed.

Believe me, she was laughing like hell for this stupid story of mine.

Nevertheless. It had some meaning.

Wish she understood it.

The white rabbit is me. I’m the wandering soul who has a never ending hunger for love and care.
The forest is this world. The world of uncertainties which never gives what you ask for.
The black rabbit is her. She has so much to offer me, yet so reserved.
The jail is my love. No matter what, I will guard her and will make her safe within my limits.

Now I know, she will say “Love u the most”.
And even If she doesn’t, I know it beforehand.

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