Sweet Child Of Mine !

Where were me before. I started searching that identity. of which I have lost all the details..

This turn of life is always unforgettable only when ya reach a time spaces while it become precious… For us the thing we are in is not as much important cos we don’t understand its values…
We get to know abt something only when it leaves us. or we move away.

I wanted to fly like a bird. with my wings flipping in the wind which has no other obstacles.. But. most of us become like someone who has been hatched and spent the life time inside the shell with both his wings unopened without a chance to.!

I know how much it hurts when u feel depressed., but when u come out of it and have a blast out of nowhere., the pleasures are unimaginable.. U feel gifted… u feel immortal… u feel the soul inside ya to be PURE… IF u come to know that something’s gonna leave ya. u try much harder to kip it beside ya., u try not to allow it out of ya grip..

The same things which were laying all UN attended. with no feelings involved..!!

Our childhood is one secret desires we all wanted to back in… The time of ours with full innocence flowing out and the ignorance abt the bad parts of life is always sweet… our hearts beats are nearly visible…
I want to be back in there. not thru any vision or technology.. In my actions and sayings… in my feelings and emotions… in my words and punctuations… in my sights and senses… I wanna redeem that back into me… I know I would fail. but that sweet child of mine always lives in me!!

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