I’ve got Q’s bt nt A’s !

When u r blank., u feel numb and ur output is goin awesome.. and when u r fulfilled with things all makin ya happy., u get stuck and ur give negative output..

this is the kinda phase im feelin for the past one week.. so only cudnt deliver any post.. and just now., i feel i have reached the slump state i.e., the peak state of my depression.. i was around with my friends., all pouring their love and all havin fun in sum or other way.. i was havin the things what ever i wanted to be goin on the course it needs to be.. still., i found a vaccum filled in my heart..

i cudnt bring out what i was facing literally.. i felt like feelin no emotions as such.. i dunno what i needed., and i dint know what i was thinking.. it was as if a blanket of depression has surrounded me and it dint want me out.. i started suffocating inside…

With just two days for my 21st b’day., people all over wishing me., i was in a emotional turmoil., why!? why!?? i cudnt get me a solution.. but actually i dint have a question for which i wanted a solution.. time was passing away., i was kind of infected part., the depression which i had., was easily founded by friends and they felt the same way a little bit.. so for not making things worse., i moved away from them and made myself alone..

i wanted to ask myself sumthn for which i was acting in such a way.. i was searching a lot inside me., my mind aint workin and my heart aint in a position to think about that.. i wanted to break free from this situation and wanted to be normal.. when a door of light opened., it was concreted by 10 doors of darkness.. i felt like., a souless humane..

my friends., my family., my love-life., my college., my status., my diginity., my health., my wealth etc everything was in a safe position., but the thing is that i lost myself.. this translation period was horrifyin.. it was like., a snail bearing a shell in its back..!! but atleast., it was accustomed to it.. but not me.. we all have mood swings., but it wasnt a kinda of that.. it was like., all my moods feelings and emotions were killed off..

i really wanted to be normal., i cudnt pray., i cudnt think., i cudnt feel., i cudnt eat., i cudnt cry., i cudnt live…

for which., am still searchin a answer.. i feel a little light after ligthing up something infront of someone., i wish and hope i will be fine very soon.. its really hard to be in a position where u dunno whats the problem.. i have had enuf..

pls., lemme out.., lemme face the sunlight., lemme feel the breeze., lemme taste the nectar., lemme smell the blossoms.. lemme be me!!

I want the Questions soon!! else., i will be killing me softly..


    • StandbyMind
    • April 8th, 2007

    Well I understand what ya goin thru….but this phase is bound to come a couple of times in life…I mean when everything is perfect and yet from inside ya dont feel real goood..or rather not feel anything at all..Just use this phase to rise urself to a new level….something above and better than u r in rite now…This phase i guess would make you a better person…explore and find new things bout Yourself..and the life..all the best..N BDAY WISHES toookeep rockin!

    • supernaturalsarda
    • April 10th, 2007

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..it seems ur undergoing a lot……..what is it i don kno nor do i think ill ever kno…yet i do hav a soln 4 u…whenever ur put off or sumthing lik dat just remember the good tymes uve shared wid others….dat is sure to bring a smile in2 ur face ……….i kno it sounds childish but u cannot xpect nething else out of a child!!!!!!!!

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