Shape Of my Heart !

We watch movies., get to mingle with the emotions., few do leave the after-effects on us..

Each and every one in this spherical earth have their time spent vivaciously in a funny mood., it all happens when ya in the company of friends, parents, lovers, even sumtimes in ya classroom.. We have a thinking of how the hell the hour hand travels so fast when accompanied by sumone from opposite sex esp.

All well said., but do we really justify our acts.. do we really show our true feelings.. We hide a lot., just for the sake of not being embarrassed or not to hurt the feelings of others.. we live our life mostly in compromises., sometimes we let off, sometimes we get let off..!

Amazingly, what does the maximal damage of our thinking ability is the compromise or sacrifice we do out of compulsion.. this things never gets out of our mind until and unless we get the work/wish paid back.. so., we don’t live up to the happiest moments truthfully.. am i not right..

Love is somethings which can be kept out of this topic.. cos love as i believe is the heap of mis-treatments and mis-decisions.. yet, its sweet.. so.., taking things normally between friends..!! we hardly ever care about our neighbor., nor he does.. so we compromise.. we don’t care whether we behave humane to our roommate., colleague., classmate., friend… we believe always that what we do is the satanic verses!!

Same on the other side., but have u ever sat alone and gave a thinking about the reasons behind any action that u have done on that day., can u justify anything to ya heart.. mind gets u a lot of versatile solutions..!! but what matters is., whats there in living high when ya true identity is lying so low..

Try this sometime., if you are strong hearted.. be in a room, all alone, lights off, close ya eyes, think of ya best friend, and think what you can do to make him happy.. you will get lots of ideas., you would be flourished with memories, the good part of him/her.. Now., switch on the light and think about the same with ya eyes open.. If ya can feel the difference., you are a human, a normal soul..!! If not., you are SACRED..

We never ever give the same respect for our aides., not even a part of what we give for the flares of opposite sex.. We don’t do it intentionally., still we do it.. thats what matters.. if you and him , starts believing in ya true bond., i can assure that doesn’t need any compromises…

Friendship is something that can be felt.. its not like love.. u can feel the warmth directly., there will be no expectations, there will be no distinctions.. Friends to help us and tend to help us when we are in trouble., thats a instinct.. but true bonds., really makes ya feel for him/her..

We should respect each and everyone around ya with out any respect to anything.. I’m sure that will make ya world blossomed with blessings and am righteous that pure smiles from anyones heart will make ya day the best…

Shape of my heart is not square., but who cares about the shape.. its made of flesh., that pumps blood.. this flesh is the composition of our friends and family.. the blood is the feelings/actions.. we should be ready to accept the bad blood and be working hard to pump out the pure ones.. and am sure., days passing., you will never be compromising anymore..!!

Love you all my friends., This is dedicated to you all..


    • zahid
    • March 29th, 2007

    The two blogs….confused soul and shape of my heart made nice read…… lookin out for more….

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