A Beautiful Mind !

Thanx buddies For ur sweet COmments.. It makes Me to write more!!

I was loosing my mind over two beautiful movies which i saw yesterday..!!

First i should be saying abt the day., after being so busy for a fortnight., when go into idle mood., silence haunts you., words get stuck., wind seems to be too dry., ur heart beats a little slower..
so i decided to catch up with sumthng that makes my brain from becoming out-of-order..

I got these two beautiful movies… “Seducing Mr. Perfect” & “The Professional”.. Both being classy in thier own grounds..

The first one was a korean-english movie with a cute looking pair trying to search for the love they have hidden in them, the second one being a hitman’s story with whom a 12 yr old gal fall in love.. I cant and dont want to spell the names of the actors in that korean movie.. The Professional had a awesome acting personnels like JEAN RENO, NATALIE PORTMAN, GARY OLDMAN..

I was wondering why natalie is depicting a bitchy kinda roles in most of her movies like closer.. but the thing about her is that she justifies her roles very well such that we dunt question a single moment.. Jean Reno is one class actor, whos been my favourite actor for long time.. He portrayed many cameo’s and supporting characters.. i liked his roles in Da vinci code, Godzilla, M.I., etc..

Ok., Forget the roles and names.. Lemme dive into the emotions and expressions.. I can remember a dialogue from the crap movie called WILDTHINGS – 3;

“You won’t remember, But you can never Forget”

Love is what i talk abt most of the time., cos it reveals itself in many many forms and preludes in each and every human being.. the characters coming alive in movies show that LOVE can be easily between a boss nd her secretary, between a guy of 40’s and a gal in her teens..

Only things that waries off from the normality which proves the ample time space given to each and every single hearts of this vast universe is the fact that more than blossoms, the derailing happens most..

When people fall in love, they turn blind.. Its better that they stay like that., cos.. this world also proves a lot to the matter that suspicion and surrealism is something that is experienced by me, u, him and her!!

The true emotions when mixed with the little white lies always proved worthy.. when someone gets dumped, he/she feels deserted., thinks that lifes at par-end..!! my point of view suggests that each and every moment of life has its optimistic and pessimistic view.. Just that we got to find it in the way of the ur conscience!!

I too felt the same stuff., but got to know that., being optimistic shows that theres lots others in this world to love u., being pessimistic shows that theres one less in this world to love ya.. ha ha.. thats the way.. U get to know that taking what ever position u want to after this debacle will enlighten ya into a path that always shows prosperity..

Once., mahatma gandhi said., “if u can hit a bee with a stone, and if ya miss ya a elephant with the same stone., missing the elephant is more pleasurable.. cos failures are to be tasted by everyone., they provide the much more strong platform for ya next launch..

I try my best to bring out my left side of my brain.. one sms joke says “theres nothing left in ya right side, and theres nothing right on ya left side”..

A mind a.k.a ya brain is the most precious possession u can have.. It is the cpu of ya.. it controls ya.. keep it fresh., cos a beautiful mind never makes a collapse out of ya!!

will be back..


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