Confused Soul !

Yes, Thats wat a earthly creature called me by.!

Well, Yesterday was on a kinda hangover.. Today also, i dint amuse myself to write on a fuzzy logic topic. So i decided to describe a member of a human race of whose personal details wont be revealed.. The thing is just to recapulate the characteristics and the behavorial anatomy of this alien for the martians..

I travel back to those greeny times, when everythng except indian cricket was almost same.. school times, the memory revived..

I could rave myself to the first instant where i met this so-called creature whom belongs to the fairer sex by mistake.. hmm, rather fortunate.. I was bein told abt her by my friends as she was prevailing as the worthy championship between the hungry eyes of the vulturous guys!!

The moment i met, i was kinda hit by the aura which was missin from the background.. I was on a warfare.. The smiles and eyes are the weapons and other statistics were really out of bounds.. She talked with so ease., the flow and presence was gifted.. it was complemented by the words and looks..

Travelling little further ahead, both became so close as friends.., she used to be the commander in trade.. with so much brains and beauty., there comes a mis-balance between the both.. but she was like, sliding thru it very well.. cut to the specs. i started to find her more amusing not just becos of her attractive zero-count, but also it was her power to make people stick to her..

I fell in love, it was the perfect the recipe for a romantic movie.. as simple as that., but whats there in life if tragedy dint hit u.. tables turned.. i went on a loose trial which made me distanced from her.. she forgotten the simple basics to hold me back., and i was even bad that i lost my base..

Schooling ended., life was moving very fast in their own lanes, people say, that it is very difficult to forget the ones whom u had it truely in ya heart,. i deny it.. it is not very difficult to forget.. but., the simple fact i got by this 4 year gap was this : “YOU CAN FORGET TO THINK ; but YOU CAN NEVER THINK TO FORGET”

When i met her back thru this vast world of http://www., we were on a choked position.., she was as clear as water as usual., me thru 2 relationships already found myself wrecked infront of her.. words got stuck.. wanted to apologize.. but the guilt was started to replaced by false-ego.. i was not in a position to redeem myself.. time was goin..

She was too sweet to me., i found her more apropriate.. more simple this time.. Now we dont have the option of gettin back., the single door left out was the pathway of smooth friendship., which can only direct u to happiness and no fuss..

I confessed, i conferred, i condemned, i confused, i consoled, i conjucated, i complemented, i controlled, i cared, i complimented, i couched, i crawled, i crippled, infront of her..

I was showing my true feelings, i showed my true love.. she’s more beautiful when she accepted it with a smile saying that she is fine with me..

All these years for which she hated me was forgotten, forgiven, foreseen.. I was on a blue mountain, playin in the water of blue spring tryin to catch the fumes of a blue cloud.!!

I was back.. I played softly, i found my shape of heart..

She still says me a “CONFUSED SOUL”.. that is her..

She knows well now that
i LOVE her..


    • Jeya Anand
    • March 25th, 2007

    dude who is that ?? from our school….

    • Sharanya
    • March 25th, 2007

    hey …wel written :D… whoz d gal tho 😉

    • zahid
    • March 29th, 2007

    I will not ask you who it was…..rather was it literally true? or you wished it were true?

    • supernaturalsarda
    • April 10th, 2007

    kewl………god ur blog getz btr n btr……..

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