What for Greek Created Alpha??

Was Wanderin around in the Jungle of Hocus-Pocus..!! The Sunlight dimming down makin me feel mild.. sudden surge of blood in my face.. veins are blocking my thinking.. i was about to faint.. Aint it looking like a better start for a dramatic novel..

Was gonna get sumthng which really feeds a lots of herds.. humans.. hecks.. topic is drifting towards the verge of point of no return..

well, in this world of quick returns there are lots of situations in which u feel lost.. but there will be a small streak of light which may be bcos of the small swarm bee.. the light which fills ya mind when ya feel blank is sumthn very precious.. sumthng not everyone is gifted with.. once u get ur way out of the ditch, u will be pure.. ur mind will be sacred.. ur soul will be blessed.. u will never commit a dumb act…

but., why then, people get stuck with materialism.. thats what alpha beta.. fuck it.. there are just two kinds of people.. the words of race, religion, region, herd everythng gets into the final wire of the two kinds of human im prescribing..

sumthngs..always proved is re-proved in theorems..!! theorems which makes the genrealised stuffs into a fact.. we dunt accept the facts.. but do believe in thoerems!! reality is that.. well, lemme come back…

two kinds of people.. as simple as that.. one who talks/say/write , another one who reads/follows/listen.. am i not giving a simple solution to the work piece of leonardo’s da vince code!!.. see.. the thing is that.. it all depends on ya head!!..

now.. whats the connection between my topic and content.. lemme get it straight… since the greeks named it alpha, we get that alphabet.. A for apple is the first word anyone learns!!

World is blooming with love, lets not disrupt it.. LOve people., Love ur place..

Let Love be the language everyone talk, let relstionships be broadend, let people be same., let world be in peace!! Hail the Greeks..!!

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