Let Darkness Fall..!!

iT iS betteR tO bE hateD foR whaT yoU arE thaN tO bE loveD foR whaT yoU arE noT …

One of my friend’s reply for his relationship status!!

Today i had this sleep at a rather odd hours at around 3pm.. i was on progress with a nightmarish journey with a demon.. sudden surge of blood in my brain woke me up., i was on primal fear, my forehead covered with the essence of sweat.. i started my first view in a perplexed manner, searching for light amidst the darkness which filled my room..

At the moment of the eternal fear, we all search for our loved ones, we cherish the moments in which the negative thoughts were erased to nil which brings the sweet nectar of happiness.. our friends, family, heartfelt crushes…!!

but.. we suddenly get to know, that myth doesnt exist when we are in kinda situation which has a dead end and a no-return path.. that time is the perfect point one gets to know abt the real U..

i mean it..

when u stand nude, u get the importance of clothes, when u stay hungry, u get to know whats food for.. the eternal truth of what all greats like galileo, copernicus tried to prove is the fact that, nothing in this world is stale.. everythng has a change.. infact change is the only thing that doesnt change…

you believe in you at the point of death, u mull the defeats, u curse the satan of ya very own heart nd soul.. brain stops thinking..

well., relationships are what am sobbering now…!! people fall for it blindfolded.. unaware of the depth it has..!! the time he reaches the flat ground, the guy/gal loses his identity.. thats the first point what i was telling.. u woke up in primal fear.. unknown to do what u want to do..!!

am totally sided to the pure love.. but whats called pure.. even the gold has to be added with impurities to make it usable.. pure love., or near about pure love is something added to endangered spiecies..

i hate this world for this single fact that it kills the pure form..!!

i love this world for this single fact that it does kill the pure form..!!

Let the darkness fall…!!!


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