What What What..

had a good start.. well, people say that they expect a lot better from me.. am tryin/doing my best..

ok, coming to what i meant by the topic. WWW., the one and only survivor of the last century.. humanity has taken so many diversions from what its actually meant for.. the needs and deeds are different now.. technology is rising like hell.. they seems to overrule the mind and soul.

why., why this difference in sucha short period.. a generation change happens normally after 25 years.. but, i can feel a gr8 differnece in all prospective between my 10th and 20th age.. even BOND has changed his style from hot gals and too much hectic gadgets to simple phone and sexy sleek eva green..

when i started it was 1pm, and now its 8pm.. i had a gap.. so loss of continuity is

well, love and lust are too simple things minced together.. they are chewed in between the two worlds of guys and gals, and the result part is the worst.. what remains is the new cruel form of ditchin and dumping.. i have a friend who was dumped by his GF.. EX GF to be precise, well, the last traces she left in him was the sad face and the broken heart..

when tech is meetin emotions the unprecedented things are really amazing, the mobile phone is the best carrier of love than anyother thing this world has seen.. the fact that the online dating sites and community sites booming is the just the fact that the frsutration level is increased and the proportion is coming a near about 50 – 50, whn the old stats show that guys are the real buggers..

internet is the only culprit the time seems to travel faster. its kinda a future time
machine., i have seen and been the one who are addicted.. and i hope emotions relationships feelings love and what even lust and romance are being dried in that platform..

what i wud suggest is that let me start off fresh sumother time.. got hell loadz of worki promise and assure that, my random shit will be gud for ya eyes.. will cum more colorful even in my words.. bubye buddies

    • carol
    • March 7th, 2007

    seriously i find ur blog persona different..but still good work 🙂

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