Once Upon Time there was a Story teller..!!

i know., things which make u feel good never stays with ya. yesterday i was shittin the time asusual, sumthn unusual happened.. rather its usual.. i fell for a gal who used to be my best gal friend.. i did have the guts to say her even though its fresh start. but the thing i am happy abt this that “am not a rock without feelings” now.. sumone comes and tells me tht am cheatin myself that am not in love., just feel the feelings, hear the sound of my heartbeats.. does it say the reality.. no, no, no, fuck it. i was like, why sud the world which is so much of mysteries which never gives u proper answer when u need one.. but then i found out that its our need and its us who sud find and search the necessary things we need.. and i also found that, life sucks.. we have to reincarnate, i would rather say we need to search the real us inside the real us.. what the hell am i sayin.. i know that this bloggin doesnt happen with me, but see.. i could write 10 lines with such a flow.. then i realised that what i was sed.. i was prescribed this by a gal, who stole my heart. sumtimes true feelings makes ripples.. the sound which cant be heard explicitly.. thats the purity life renders everyone..

one thing to be noted.. am not gonna shit this place with what the hell i did today.. its all for the screwed up stuff im gettin mixed and minced in my brain.. thats why i kept such a topic “a for alpha” aint it sweet.. if not, bunk it. have started sumthn new.. wish me.. am all urs..

    • carol
    • March 6th, 2007

    I wonder why you sound so melancholic here..makeups and breakups are a part of life..I like ur cheerful side better from what Ive seen…

    • Sharanya
    • March 6th, 2007

    hey … well… u r nt yet upto ur potential writing … i knw u can do a better job than tis … hopin to see some grt ones frm u

    • bluewhale
    • March 6th, 2007

    hmmmmmmmm…well d blog bug is here to stay..

    • zahid
    • March 15th, 2007

    Hi aizy!!!Love to call you that way…Sparkful ones that you have uploaded. It made nice read. I am not sure of Carol’s comments but i guess she has you wrong. It could as well be that i am wrong. I guess that you have written this blog when you were feelin that way and you very well know tht thng abt makeups and breakups and just to get urself done wid for the moment. Any wayz, WAITING FOR YOUR MASTERPIECE…..One more thing, I am an amateur handwriting expert and would love to study your handwriting, if you are equally interested.Expecting a reply…….

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